• Bridal Makeup by Eyrebrushed Makeup Studios

    The Perfect Pout for Your Wedding Day


    Getting the right wedding day lipstick colour can make or break a look. It can change a look from girly to vampy in a quick switch. Brides tend to love neutral shades, but some like a strong classic look that won't date. Either way it's very important to choose a lip colour that lends to your complexion, and doesn't compete for too much...

  • BrowHouse @ Eyrebrushed | Eyebrows | HD Brows

    My Top Brow Products


    Brows, brows and more brows. There's absolutely no doubt about it, we are obsessed with them. The shape, size, and texture is a constant concern. Women are actually just as conscious about their brows as they are about their hair, heading to brow appointments every 4-6 weeks without fail. There is a vast range of treatments available, from tinting, threading, Waxing, and...

  • Bridal Beauty Planner

    Bridal Beauty Planner & Checklist


    We all want to be radiant on our wedding day, but realistically it can be really difficult to fit in a beauty regime between planning the ultimate party and also holding down your day job. Well, we’ve got a few simple tips and tricks you can follow from the 6 month mark to make sure you look as fabulous and gorgeous as you’ve been...