Dermalogica at Eyrebrushed


All the brands and products available and used at Eyrebrushed are ones we believe in and LOVE!

Dermalogica is a force in the skin health and skin care industry. Developed by Jane Wurwand in 1986 when she realised there was no products available that embraced her belief of skin health as opposed to “beauty”. Her vision was clear – a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts – one that would improve skin health.

“We are not pretty. (Or beautiful. Or pampering. Or luxury.) We’re far too interested in guiding you to a new level of skin health fitness! So, while our packaging may not be designed to color-coordinate with your bathroom, you can always be sure that we use ingredients that we know will work – our confidence founded by skin care professionals worldwide who use our products in their treatment rooms every day because they get results.”

We are experts in skin care and skin health here at Eyrebrushed. We offer a wide range of treatments, plans and facials to help you on your way to healthy skin: Advanced Nutrition Programme, Skin Gym & Facials. Please book in to get started on your very own, tailored skin care treatment plan.