cinema secrets brush cleaner

Give Those Brushes Some Love!

Over the past few years I’ve been meaning to purchase the much hyped Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner. So what have I been using you ask?!!  Well, to be honest I wash my brushes ALOT in Baby shampoo and then between clients I had been using Surgical Spirits.  The latter being extremely harsh on my rather expensive brushes.

I’ve thrown out at least 10 brushes since Christmas because they’ve been ruined and degraded by the surgical spirits. So, on a recent trip away I came home armed with a box of Cinema Secrets to help prolong the life of my remaining and new brushes.

Cinema Secrets promises to clean, sanitise, deodorise, and condition all makeup brushes.  Yes, check to all those.  But it also seems to prolong the life of the brushes.  I use quite a lot of goat haired and synthetic brushes and they appear better than before, smoother even.

All that is great, but the product goes a step further.  You can sanitise your hands with it, leaving your hands refreshed and it evaporates quickly.  You can reduce the risk of cross contamination by using it on spatulas, metal palettes, sponges, as it eliminates oil instantly.

You can get little cinema secret tins and dip the brush tip directly into the cleaner.  Only dip the tip in and then remove and wipe on a paper towel.  You can repeat this again if you wish.  I pretty much use my brushes 5 mins later.  But larger brushes may need at least 15 minutes to dry.

I’ve now banned surgical spirits from the studio and the secret to perfect brushes is Cinema Secrets.  SO….Don’t keep it a secret and add it to your kit today! You can now buy Cinema Secrets in our online shop!! Just visit: Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner to purchase.