How to Perfect the Dewy Makeup Look

Healthy glowing skin is the big trend making a huge come back. For a while now full coverage was a given, heavy sculpted makeup was an absolute must. For those of you who know my work, Ive always loved skin, in truth I think it’s probably my forte. I can camouflage anything and still have you looking like a natural babe! Yes, of course I do whatever my client prefers, if she wants a Kim K look I will oblige.

With the dawn of Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup line there’s been a shift towards skin. The majority of my clients mention highlight. The buzz words are now dewy, luminosity, hydrated, glowing, bronzed. And yes, I’m in my element!

So if you don’t have the benefit of a makeup artist, how do you get this glow on? Well, my dears the market is now flooded with amazing products to perfect the dewy makeup look.

1. Wonder Glow Charlotte Tilbury
Best applied before your foundation to the higher points of the face i.e the cheek bones and centre of the nose. For a real lit from within look, mix it in with your foundation. Glowing Goddess look!!

2. Radiance Primer Laura Mercier
Again apply before foundation, helps to liven up the complexion and gives a beautiful soft hydrated look to the skin.

3. Illuminating Perfecting Primer Esteé Lauder
Used before your foundation. It instantly brightens the skin. It has one of my favourite ingredients Shea Butter which smooths the skin making it the perfect canvas for foundation.

4. No7 Skin Illuminator
This Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid has a fantastic radiance boosting finish, leaving you with healthy glowing skin. This can be worn alone or under your foundation. This is my school run look!

5. Nars Illuminator in Copacabana
This is a wonder product. A little goes a long way. Apply a tiny amount under your foundation across the cheek bones, centre of the nose and cuspids bow. It has a light pearly pink iridescent glow which lasts all day.

So there you have it…hopefully you’ll find the one of these to satisfy your quest for dewy skin perfection.