Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Top Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

We’ve all said it, you know, after blending those new MAC shadows, you look up into the mirror and say “ehhhh, where’s it gone?”. Don’t worry, it’s there, a little secret hidden in your not so visible socket line. Welcome to the hooded eyed world!

What is a hooded eye?

For those of you who don’t know what hooded eyes are, it’s when the skin under your brow bone covers or partially covers your eyelid. Check out the very beautiful examples below.

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

I’ll be honest here, hooded eyed people don’t have as much scope as our bright eyed, large eyelid counterparts. Insert *jealousy* here!!!! However, the tricks are plentiful and with a little variety you too can change your looks and enhance your peepers.

1. Always look straight ahead in the mirror when applying your shadow. Your aim is to place your transitional colour (medium shade) slightly above your socket line. Looking down into a mirror will result in incorrect placement and all of your blending in the socket will be hidden. Remember to keep opening the eye to check the placement. I like to keep the focus to the outer corner of the eye, so apply your shadow in a v shape and keep a light neutral shade for the centre and inner corner so as not to close up the eye.

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

2. Use highlighters under the brows to create the illusion of larger lids. Also add a cream coloured pencil to the bottom waterline to enhance the eye and help it to appear larger. Pop in a shimmer around the tear duct for an extra pop. You are now well on your way to conquering the hooded eyed tricks.

3. Define those eyebrows. An arch is a must here. A strong defined brow with a beautiful arch will give even more scope to the lid. It’s an eye lift without any invasive surgery. Yes, how many of us hooded eyed ladies have contemplated eye lifts?!! HD brows are more accessible and more affordable!

4. Lashes and more lashes. Use plenty of mascara. It really needs to be a good quality waterproof mascara. Unfortunately a lot of hooded eyed ladies struggle here, there tends to be transfer as the skin sits onto the lashes. Remember to keep the lids matte to soak up excess oils, this will reduce the amount of transfer onto the lid and brow bone area. Using an eyelid primer can help greatly. Urban Decay do amazing primers.

5. False lashes are everyone’s friend. I wouldn’t recommend large full strip lashes here as they will cover your lids completely. Instead play around with varying lengths of individual lashes. Keep the long/medium lashes to the outer corners. Personally, I like the winged look on myself!

Variety of individual lashes can help with definition.
(photograph by Norabeth Hogan)

6. Don’t forget the lower lashes. Switch the focus from the upper lids to the bottom lash line. Use a pencil like MAC Teddy and blend it out with a pencil brush, or use shadow here. Then play up those bottom lashes with plenty of defining mascara.

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

I recommend lots of practice. Watch some tutorials, take a lesson, but most importantly take time to celebrate what you have.