Vita Liberata Now at Eyrebrushed Kilkenny

Review: Vita Liberata HD Body Blur Instant Skin Finish

It feels like everyone is talking about the latest offering from Northern Irish Brand Vita Liberata, the Vita Liberata HD Body Blur Instant Skin Finish.

So what is HD Body Blur? Think Sally Hansen and then add a bucket of gold and luxury. HD and Blur are perfect descriptions. Higher Definition because it adds sparkle and life to the skin. It’s blurring effect masks skin imperfections such as veins, marks and even bruises.

It is really a one of a kind product. It can be used on the face, chest, arms and limbs. I mixed a tiny amount in with my foundation (Armani Luminious Silk), and it gave my skin a beautiful flawless finish. My skin looked fresh, glowing and hydrated. I think it would be super easy to use as a contouring product also.

I also popped it on my very transparent arms and found it extremely quick and easy to blend. No smell and no streaks. The perfect tan in seconds.

The low down: it’s awesome…there’s no downside to this product. It really is luxurious and does exactly what it promises and more. I’d give it 10 stars. It’ll be my go to product for sunless tanning going forward. Safe, reliable and gorgeous.

Here I have the body blur on my face and one arm is done. Compare it with the other arm!

We now stock Vita Liberata HD Body Blur at Eyrebrushed. RRP €38.

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