Makeup Courses & Lessons

At Eyrebrushed Makeup & Beauty Studios we continue to strive to bring you the very best standards of training by reviewing course material and trends in the industry. By studying the changes we can restructure courses which better reflect the current climate and needs of the industry. We are endlessly cautious of the ever growing needs of the client, and therefore this is reflected in the courses which follow.

  • Become a Freelance Makeup Artist

    Become a Freelance Makeup Artist


    The Ultimate Makeup Course! Take your first steps in becoming a freelance makeup artist including learning the latest makeup trends and techniques, how to market yourself, how to get booked for weddings, all while learning from Ireland’s leading makeup artists.

  • Eyrebrushed Academy One Day Courses

    One-to-One Makeup Lessons


    Book in for a One to One Lesson with one of our professional Makeup Artists. This tailored lesson is designed to help you perfect your own makeup look and help you purchase makeup in the future that is appropriate for you. Please bring your own makeup, brushes and skincare so your artist can help you get the maximum from your product.

  • Makeup & Skin Workshop At Eyrebrushed Kilkenny

    Makeup & Skin Workshop


    A great day out for you and the girls! Eyrebrushed Skincare & Makeup Workshop is perfect for anyone looking to improve their own skincare routine and brush up on their makeup skills with our team of professionals. Highly recommended for anyone training to be a makeup artist or a beauty therapist.